American Radio Relay League

South Texas Section

District 1

Waller County ARES ®

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James Sitton, KD5JBT is the current Acting Emergency Coordinator for Waller County ARES

AEC'sJames Sitton KD5JBT kd5jbt 'at'
DEC Mark Taylor N5MDT n5mdt 'at'
SEC Frank Aguilar, H5SSH N5SSH 'at'
WebmasterJames Sitton KD5JBT kd5jbt 'at'

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To join Waller County ARES:
1. contact James / KD5JBT kd5jbt 'at'
2. Click to join wallercountyares YAHOO GROUP
3. Fill out form on www.ARRLSTX.ORG Register new member

NET info:

Waller County Amateur Radio Emergency Service ®

Training net: Thursday 8:00 PM CST
146.720 Mhz (+) (123.0 Hz) every Thusday

146.470 Mhz (123.0) Simplex (Simplex Frequency as needed)

444.900 Mhz (+) (100.0 Hz) Monaville repeater is down as of 2019
147.040 mhz (-) (156.7 Hz) W5JSC Praire View

HF: Texas ARES net
Mondays 7:30 PM CST:   3.873 Mhz
HF: emergency & tactical traffic   day: 7.285 Mhz
night: 3.873 Mhz
HF:Health & welfare Traffic day: 7.290 Mhz
night: 3.935 Mhz

For more information, please e-mail AEC at:
kd5jbt 'at' ,