The Amateur Radio Emergency Service

(ARES) is a voluntary radio communication service available to Federal, state, county and local governments, as well as non-profit organizations.

The Amateur Radio Emergency Service is comprised of more than 35,000 amateurs nationwide who have voluntarily registered their services and formed an organized pool of operators to provide reliable primary and secondary communications links for governmental agencies and / or non-profit organizations when needed.

Communications provided may be in the form of voice, Radioteletype, television, computer modes or even Morse code. Handheld amateur radio equipment has a range that varies from next door to the next county or state.

Services are provided on a strictly volunteer basis at no charge. Federal Communications Commission rules strictly prohibit compensation of any kind for services rendered by amateur radio operators.

Here in Waller County, Texas we have formed a group and are actively recruiting members for our group. We hope to be able to provide service to a number of agencies in the Waller County area, including Waller County Emergency Management, the American Red Cross, incorporated cities in Waller County, Law enforcement, fire departments, emergency medical services, hospitals and nursing homes, and the Salvation Army as well as The State of Texas Division of Emergency Management and The Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The purpose of this web site is to provide information to our members and other interested parties in respect to the services we are hoping to provide.

If you have any further questions or interests that are not addressed at this web site, please feel free to e-mail the Waller County Emergency Coordinator,
James Sitton KD5JBT at kd5jbt 'at'